Meet Your Coaches

Melody Bateman - Head Coach
PTA, CPT, UESCA Certified Running Coach

Physical Therapist Assistant 2018-2020 (specialized in rehabilitating runners and metabolic testing [V02 max testing])

UESCA certified running coach since 2019

UESCA Sports Nutrition Certified 2020

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Marathon x 1

50k x 3

50mile x 3

100mile x 1

1st degree black belt in American Kenpo Karate (and karate instructor)

Co-host and part-owner of Trail to 100 podcast and business

Current running goals: run the Scout 100 and Wasatch 100 in 2025

Jacob Bateman - Assistant Coach

Marathon x 3 (including 2 trail)

50k x 5

50mile x 3

100mile x 3

Host and part-owner of Trail to 100 podcast and business

Current running goals: run Leadville 100 in 2025

Reviews From Trail to 100 Athletes

Mark Fradd
Mark Fradd@glonmark
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Thank you to Trail to 100 for helping me to achieve running goals I never would have reached without their Personal Coaching Services. Both Melody and Jacob take a personal interest in our running, and lives in general. We are connected to a running community that offers encouragement, support , inspiration. It's fun to share our dreams and achievements with them and the group. Possibly the best part of the community is when we fail to reach our Goals , and we all do. We are picked up and supported by like minded athletes ( yes , even we are athletes) and taught to see the achievement in each step of the process and the reward in the Journey. If you're interested in making a running dream come true, or maybe even checking one off the old Bucket List ( like me ) You can't go wrong with Trail to 100. Run Well everyone
Kalli Love
Kalli Love@runkallirun
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I knew I wanted to run, but I didn’t know where to start. Melody makes running very simple and manageable and builds upon my progress. With her help, she has made running an exciting experience for me! I would have not started my running journey any other way than with her! The most beneficial part to my training thus far is feeling stronger and more rested than I ever have. She really takes care of her athletes in all aspects. She is currently helping me train for my first half marathon in October and I am PUMPED!!
Amanda Grundon
Amanda Grundon@mander3188
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Melody had always been a ray of sunshine and so understanding when I haven't been the most uplifting toward myself or my training. She always finds ways to turn my mood around and inspire me again to keep going!
Ashley Summers
Ashley Summers@ashleyraesummers
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I started running when I was 15 years old, being forced by an older sister to join the high school track team. That 100 meter dash turned into 800 meters, then a mile, which turned into a 5k. After high school, I found myself running Ragnar's and triathlons and Spartans. Running became one of my favorite things to do. After a severe spinal injury in 2018, my running days came to an end - an end I thought would be permanent. I was told by doctors that I would never run again and that I would need physical therapy for the rest of my life. I believed I would never run again, and this thought swirled my mind for the next 3 years. However, that same forceful, older sister who nearly "made" me run on the track team kept encouraging me to run, time and time again. With her background in physical therapy, human anatomy, and massage therapy, she helped me strengthen my body and she believed I could run again. Long story short, coach Melody got me off my walking cane, into my feet, and to a starting line. It started with a 5k, then a 12k, then a half. Together, we worked up to a full marathon, which I completed in June of 2023. Melody coached me and encouraged me, and created a training plan that helped my weak, Injured body become resilient and strong and capable of what I believed to be impossible. I am forever grateful for my coach; my sister, who helped me each and every day to become a stronger, better version of myself.
Steph Shoell
Steph Shoell@stephshoell
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Hiring a running coach was super intimidating for me. I had gained weight, stopped running, and felt pretty hopeless. I still had dreams of a lofty marathon goal but felt embarrassed talking about it because it seemed out of reach. When I met Coach Melody, all my insecurities melted away because she was so down to earth and instantly had total confidence in me and my running dreams. Melody is a true professional from her experience as a PTA, massage therapy, to her black belt in teaching running self-defense courses. It's awesome to work with someone that has knowledge in so many areas. She also practices what she preaches. She is out the door rain or shine getting her miles in. I was able to cheer her on at her 100-mile race. To see her work towards her running goals is so inspiring to me and gives me an example of what is possible. I am so grateful that I didn't let my intimidation stop me because hiring Coach Melody has literally changed my life!
Chelsea Bowman
Chelsea Bowman@chelbowmanbrink
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Melody helped me train for my third half marathon. After running two previous halfs and having bad knee pain, I wanted to learn to run correctly. At the end of my third half my body still felt great and my knees didn't hurt. So grateful for everything I learned!
Chad Grundon
Chad Grundon@chad_grundon
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Melody is a great coach. She is coming from a place of knowledge and experience, but also genuine care for you and determination to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. She meets you where you are in your fitness journey, is honest, supportive, and has an approach that will keep you healthy and running for the long haul. I found that during my races I was able to recall back to harder workouts, as well as information Melody passed along to help me understand why I was feeling what I was and how to push through it. I would, and plan to, definitely use Melody as a coach again in the future!
Jon Ambrose and Mia Jensen
Jon Ambrose and Mia Jensen@mia.n.jensen
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Whether we knew it would be oor not, running fifty miles was the hardest thing we have chosen to do as a couple at this point in our lives. There were several points where dropping out seemed inevitable. We are convinced we would not have successfully finished before the cut off time without the encoruagement, coaching, and care form Melody and Jacob. Their contagious optimism and realistic enthusiasm kept us going when we wanted nothing more than to quit.
Jenny Westwood
Jenny Westwood@jenny_westwood
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Lots of gratitude for Melody and Trail to 100!!!Being a novice runner Melody has helped me build up to finishing a half marathon and feeling so good along the way. This year I am working up to a full marathon and melody has helped me as I recover from injury and reminded me my goals are still achievable. She knows her stuff and coaches you to reach your highest potential💪🏽🙌🏻


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Trail to 100 Personalized Coaching

$ 200
  • Customized Running Plan
  • Custom Strength Training Plan
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • 2 phone calls a month
  • Constant access to your coach via Marco Polo
  • Marco Polo Group Athlete Chat

More about Personalized Coaching

Hey, Melody here! Thanks so much in your interest in personalized coaching! I’m so excited to tell you a little more about it! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or e-mail us at We can’t wait to help you finish your first 100 mile race!!

When you sign up for personalized coaching, you will recieve a CUSTOM, in-depth training plan (running and strength) that will be delivered to you via google excel sheets. This plan will include a weekly schedule, monthly schedule, and yearly schedule. It will include an overview of your pre-season, in-season, and off-season as well.

Also included in your shared google excel sheet will be a tab to keep track of your race nutrition. We can work together to figure out what foods work for you an what foods don’t! Gut issues are the #1 reason people DNF their first ultra, so we want to make sure we are really dialed in here! I’ll also include a list of resources for you throughout the duration of our coaching that might include things like books, podcasts, specific race reviews, instagram pages, blogs ect.

I want to make sure that you are 100% ready to go on race day, so I want to help you put together a race plan! On top of that, I want to make sure that your crew and pacers are ready to help you out! We can plan a pre-race meeting with the entire crew to make sure everyone is on the same page and ready to get you across the finish line!

I only accept a handful of athletes because I want to give my athletes the time and attention they deserve. I believe in QUALITY coaching. Building a relationship with you is one of my top priorities as a coach. My athletes become some of my closest friends.

If you are accepted as a Trail to 100 Athlete, I promise to give you all the tools and resources that you need and that that I can offer you to get you that belt buckle and hopefully even help you grow as a person! But remember…only YOU can put in the work to make that happen! If you’re ready to start your Trail to 100, apply for coaching today!! I can’t wait to see you cross that finish line!!


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